1. Get started

1.1. Requirements

The code and examples of this book should work for Python 3.5+.

Install the latest versions of the following Python packages

  • NumPy (pip install numpy)

  • SciPy (pip install scipy)

  • MatplotLib (pip install matplotlib)

  • Scikit-image (pip install scikit-image)


You should also have Jupyter notebook/lab environment installed and built for interactive practice.

1.2. Testing after install

Open a Jupyter notebook and execute the following code,

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from skimage import data, io, filters

image = data.coins()  # or any NumPy array!
edges = filters.sobel(image)

You should see the following output. If you see this, you are all set to go!


Fig. 1.1 Sobel filter on coins’ image