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My Background

I move freely between semiconductors, power electronics, data science, and machine learning!

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Education, DS/ML, books

Ph.D. in EE and M.S. in computational data analytics (ongoing).

I write books on and teach data science.

I also contribute to IEEE and PSMA acitvites.

About Me

Projects and code

I maintain an active Github repository of my open-source projects spanning topics of

  • general data analytics,
  • machine learning,
  • deep learning,
  • computer vision and image processing,
  • math and statistics,
  • synthetic data generation,
  • text-mining and web-scraping, etc.
  • Published packages and projects

    Selected Data Science/ ML Notebooks


    My Articles and Writings

    I publish highly-cited articles regularly on data science and machine learning topics, on various leading platforms.

    Selected technical articles

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